$1000 of glass makes a lot of difference

I spent the last 5 hours photographing my work.   Actually, Keith photographed and I set up the pieces.   We photographed all of my necklaces.     Don’t have a lot of time to sort through them tonight, but here is a preview of some of the pieces.    It’s amazing how $1000 of glass (Canon EF 100mm f2.8L […]

Today was Long.

File ,Sand, Polish and Repeat – 75 Times.   It can become slightly boring, but on the plus side our new camera lens comes in tomorrow.    The lens in combination with our light tent and infinity background should yield some great photos of my work.    I will post new finished photos tomorrow night!

Sprue This!

Today wasn’t very fun at all!  I spent all day grinding off sprues with a cutting wheel on all of my (75) raw castings.  Clean-up in general makes me feel dirty.  The silver dust sprays everywhere! On the bright side, I got Keith to do some sanding on some of the Dallion pieces 🙂 Arrows […]

Check out the New Pages

I just posted a lot of pictures of my studio and the schedule for my shows.    Follow the links at top and side to check them out. Val

For those of you who need caught up…

These are the cases that Keith and I made for my upcoming art shows. I am currently getting stock ready for a show that is being held at the Power and Light District, Downtown Kansas City. Info for the Show: The District Art Annual… Downtown Kansas City Art Fair (3rd Annual) Friday – Sunday, June […]

A rainy night enameling…

I have been working on my latest lotus collection pieces tonight.   They are turning out great.    The new red color of enamel is very vivid.   The enameling process is very interesting.   I go through five steps to enamel a piece. 1.  Prepare the surface by depletion gilding and cleaning.   Depletion gilding is the process in […]