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style ::  “Eye catching, one of a kind, cutting edge, and classic”, are four descriptions that have been used by my peers and clients to describe my work.

story ::  Prior to 2009 I sold, designed and manufactured custom jewelry for clients of businesses I worked under.  I had too many wonderful ideas rolling around in my head that I just had to create.  After that point I founded Preston Jewelry.  I decided to start my own company because I wanted to be the one who had the final say over my creations.

Artist Statement~   I have always loved art, fashion and design.  As a jewelry designer, I try to push myself to create things that have never been done.  Also, as a skilled artisan who has managed the life-cycle of many jewelry creations, I have a unique perspective in the field.  A good design can be complex, bold, ornate and beautiful all at the same time, and that is what I strive to achieve.  I draw my inspiration for my jewelry pieces from nature, design, fashion and art.  My designer’s eye is continually looking for new and exciting inspiration to keep my ideas fresh and original.  One week I may be looking at fabric designs, and the next I may be looking towards the heavens for inspiration.  With a keen eye for beauty, diverse knowledge of the field, and a trend-setting mentality, I am certain that you are going to love my style and my jewelry.  My work is intriguing and one of a kind.  I am a creator, and I desire to create.   ~Valerie Preston


Valerie Preston Design
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone ~ 408.475.5525
Email ~ valerie@prestonjewelry.com